iGrow 1000 Series

igrow1400The iGrow 1000 Series consists of three models: the iGrow 1200, iGrow 1400, and iGrow 1600. Each of the models is based on the same hardware platform but with different microprocessor programs. The models are differentiated by the feature set as described below in the iGrow comparison chart. A standard feature for each controller is the digital temperature and humidity sensor with a radiation shield housing.

These precision sensors are very stable and the sensor readings are not degraded by the length of the cable. The 1000 Series iGrow Environmental Controllers can interface with many additional sensor types, including a very easy to install weather station. These iGrow’s can be networked and linked to a host computer with Link4’s iControl software.

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Our company specializes in designing and providing heating, irrigation, control systems, and water management products for commercial greenhouses and nurseries.

Turn a greenhouse into a SmartHouse by installing an integrated TrueLeaf® SmartSystem.


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