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SolarTrueSolar™ Grower-Installed Solar PV Arrays are specifically designed to offset electricity used by greenhouses by using our most abundant resource—sunlight. More than just a source of clean green power, Solar PV systems also make good sense on many financial spreadsheets. They provide a consistent and known cost per kw/hour generated, and reduce the overall amount of electricity from your local utility.

Even better, many local, state, and federal programs exist to offset the capital costs of installing solar power systems, either through incentives, rebates or other tax adjustments. Many utility companies also offer incentive programs to local businesses willing to generate a portion of their own electricity.

A TrueSolar™ project consists of three parts:

1. Feasibility Analysis to determine the correct system size and orientation for the location. This analysis also researches all relevant energy programs that might offset the installation or operational cost of the solar power system.

2. A TrueSolar Power System™ includes the necessary design for installation, solar modules, inverters to convert AC power to DC power, and the racking and mounting system that positions the panels. A TrueSolar™ designed solution ensures that all components work together reliably.

3. Installation and Configuration. A major cost center for solar projects is the construction and installation labor, but—aside from a few technical tasks—most solar projects consist of standard construction techniques that most growers can provide with existing manpower. TrueLeaf® understands how the horticultural industry works, so a TrueSolar™ project has lower construction costs and utilizes a do-it-yourself approach.

Helios2It doesn't matter whether you are located in the northeast or the southwest,
if you can grow plants and you have some extra land, you can harvest electricity from sunlight at a cheaper cost than you can buy it from the grid. This is the best renewable energy solution on the market right now.

Grants and credits do have limited funding and strict deadlines. If you want to finance a significant part of your solar power station through incentives, it is important that you call now. To learn more about these local, state and federal incentives, call TrueLeaf's solar expert at 616-396-6101. You can jump start the whole process by filling out the TrueSolar Questionaire. It asks the relevant questions that kick-start the process.

Features & Benefits
  • High-performance, high-efficiency solar modules
  • Tested to UL 17003 with a Class C fire rating 
  • Power guarantees of minimum rated output at 10 and 25 years
  • Modular racking with quick assembly
  • 10-year craftsmanship warranties on all components
  • Support through all aspects of project installation and commissioning

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Our company specializes in designing and providing heating, irrigation, control systems, and water management products for commercial greenhouses and nurseries.

Turn a greenhouse into a SmartHouse by installing an integrated TrueLeaf® SmartSystem.


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